Yayasan Dian Desa


Yayasan Dian Desa (YDD), or in English  “light of the village foundation,”  is a non-governmental organization (NGO) active in community development activities in general, with a special focus on the development of appropriate technology.

When YDD was founded in 1972, its personnel totaled only four, and at that time YDD’s activities were  limited to clean water supply and sanitation only. Its operating locations were also limited e.g. in Yogyakarta and Central Java Province only.

Slowly Yayasan Dian Desa has grown, and at the present time employs approximately 300 people from various disciplines. The location of its activities has also expanded.

Besides operating in Indonesia, YDD is now actively working elsewhere in the Southeast Asia region.

Organisation’s Goal and Objectives

The  general  goal  of  Yayasan  Dian   Desa   is  to  assist low-income communities in improving their living standards through the utilization of appropriate technology and participatory & self-help processes.

The main objectives of YDD are:

  1. Develop, test and disseminate the appropriate technology relevant to the need of target communities in the context of improving their living standard and their self reliance.

  2. Improve traditional technology which is already practiced by target communities, so as to raise its effectiveness in responding to present problems.

  3. Empower target communities through the provision of technical assistance and supplementary support.

  4. Act as a go-between for target communities and the Government and/or international development organizations.

  5. Provide training to other NGOs or young generations interested in development in general or appropriate technology in particular.

  6. Provide services especially in the context of community development and appropriate technology. Among others, these services include technical assistance, study & analysis, planning, pilot action development, etc.

  7. Develop an interactive and cooperative network with other development stakeholders (public sector, private sector, NGO community, University community and International Development organisations) dealing with similar issues.

YDD  started  as  a  small, informal group consisting of three  activist  technical  students  who  expressed  an  interest  in  the  development and application of  appropriate technology for rural development.  Activities started in  1968 and until 1972 were still in the form of an informal organization. In 1972, that group was registered as a formal organization and became known as Yayasan Dian Desa (Dian Desa Foundation).

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